Saturday, December 24, 2011

Beautiful Bali

We headed off to Bali for five days at the start of our holiday break. I had been to Bali about 11 years ago (note: the perfect place to visit as a woman travelling alone) and loved it. Bali has such a wonderful feel to it: the smells of clove cigarettes and sandalwood incense, coupled with amazingly friendly people and tiny offerings littering the streets make it a beautifully peaceful country. Even their way to say hello, Om Swastiastu, means wishing someone peace. We lounged by the pool, caught up with old friends and visited the artsy city of Ubud.

Ubud has a sacred monkey forest that is filled with very hungry and somewhat cheeky monkeys. I had told Sojo stories of when I went there and the monkeys freaked me out enough that I just threw the whole lot of bananas at them and ran the other way. Well, that part didn't change one bit in all this time--the monkeys were still on the slightly ferocious side and freaked us all out.

Back in Bangkok now for Christmas and some down time before Dale's mom arrives on the 27th. Lots of lounging in our future...


Flora Moreno de Thompson said...

One of the monkeys at the Monkey Forest jumped on my husband's leg and just hung on for a while. Those monkeys definitely run that place.

popo said...

Love seeing and hearing about Bali, but missing you oh so much here on Christmas Eve. Can't seem to get used to that. Merry Christmas sweet daughter, son-in-law and precious grand-daughter.