Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thinking Ahead

Our girl is getting bigger by the day. And while it is gorgeous to watch, there are moments where life feels fleeting.

A few weeks ago, we were snuggling on the couch when I said, "You know, there will come a day that you won't do this anymore. You'll be too big. Isn't that weird?" This led us to talk about some of the other precious things she does in this moment of time. Like when she covers her mouth when she giggles (so very Asian) and when she sleeps with her two hands folded as in prayer and tucks them under her cheek. Oh, that one I just love to the depths.

Per her suggestion, we have begun photographing these beautiful habits of hers so we can remember. I will always look at this photo and know that we staged it, that we were feeling silly and that there was so much love between us.


popo said...

Be still my heart....Those moments are the best and being able to capture them is even better.

Prita said...

Oh man, this post made me cry. So special- I love it.

Heather Hermann said...

Hi Tara & Dale! I was just doing an online search for "Movember" to donate to Dale's cause and I came across your blog. Such endearing, sweet stories and photos. SoJo is such an adorable little girl and is so fortunate to have you and Dale as such amazing, loving parents. Truly a match made in heaven. P.S. your Mother-Daughter Book Club last night was fantastic - thank you!!