Saturday, November 12, 2011

In the Olden Days...

Lately, our eternally curious child is starting many of her sentences with, "In the olden days, how did they ________?" The blank is filled in with random things like "how did they have sinks? did they have toilets? how did people have mosquito repellant?"

The funny part is that these so-called "olden days" are what she views as Dale and my childhood. Case in point was the other day when we were all walking together. We saw a water hose on the ground and one of us said, "You know, when mama and baba were kids, we used to drink water from hoses like that." *

Sojo turned and said, "Why? In the olden days, did they not have cups?"


*I'm sure they still do drink from hoses in North America, but this is a CRAZY thought for the overseas kids.

Can't wait for Sojo one day to look back on this precious school photo of her in the olden days.


popo said...

I wonder what she thinks of the "olden days" for her Popo and Gong Gong? Goodness... BTW...I don't think we are supposed to drink out of hoses here either...surely there is something in the material that is bad for us. I love her school picture. Did you just get them? What a cutie patootie.

Anonymous said...

Great pic! I agree with Popo! Isn't her questioning great! Love NieNie