Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hard, Hard Worker

We've been singing this song lately in our house. It's catchy and fits the bill for this hard, hard worker. Take this book she worked on for nearly an hour tonight after dinner. Dale and Sojo were talking about building a rocket out of a cardboard box, and Dale suggested that Sojo make a blueprint of what she wanted it to look like.

That lead to pages and pages filled with ideas of how to make rockets with all sorts of cool things like wings and boosters. Those pages turned into Sojo's Rocket Blueprint Book, also known as the activity that made our kid beam (made me wonder how often we truly see beaming...) with pride.

Getting into bed tonight and looking at her book for the umpteenth time, she smiled and sang, "I'm a hard, hard worker everyday."

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Popo said...

What a cutie and such a hard, hard worker. For sure!