Thursday, November 03, 2011

Adventure, Part Deux

Having left the watercolor skies of Krabi and bypassing our original plan to fly back to Bangkok, we booked another hotel online and headed about 2 hours to the beach of Phuket. Mind you, after being spoiled rotten in the huge villa, it was a wee bit hard to go back to a small hotel room. However, it did have a fabulous water park right next door, so we couldn't complain for too long.

Sojo had a blast, but she had actually been coughing for the past few days and was getting sicker and sicker by the minute. A trip into town turned into a trip to the hospital with a diagnosis of bronchitis. Yikes! Poor thing.

We had to say goodbye to mom and dad as they were due to head back to the US. Even though we were trapped in our house a lot of the time, we had such a wonderful visit. Definitely stories to tell in the future about the flood visit. We'll remember the oodles of beach time and lots of smiles and love. It means the world to us that they know and love Thailand like we do.

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popo said...

Good golly Molly...we miss you already. Seems ages since we were there and it is only a couple days. Thanks for the memories.