Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's New?

1. Dale has been making some more sock animals to join our friend Sock Monkey. Soctopus is officially the favorite at the moment. In a moment of total teacherness, we made a graph last weekend of all 3 sock animals and visited all our friends to have them fill in the graph. The cuteness of watching Sojo pile them all in the stroller, along with the graph and a marker, was so much fun!
2. Only the most adorable backpack ever! We are using our Cars backpack for travel and this one for school now. Sojo also tells us that the dog's nose carries all the love she needs during the day at school when she is away from us and Socktopus.
3.This overly-patterned girl (she's missing the cheetah print jacket that is in her backpack for the movies) spent her pocket money on rides and games at the mall. Being American, I just love that she calls allowance 'pocket money' like the British kids do.
4. Not new, but totally fabulous is how Sojo's skin is all but cleared up and has been for the last month. We went back to topical steroids, and it seems to have done the trick more than anything else in the last year. She feels great, is able to go through her days relatively itch-free, and there is a good chance that Dale and I are experiencing reverse aging due to all the sleep we are catching up on. Yippee!


popo said...

Finding a new blog made my morning. I love all that she is ... beautiful, inspiring, a true child of love.

Anonymous said...

Great news about the itchyness
Nie Nie