Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Illness Inspiration

I have the perfect kind of cold today. Too sick to go to work, but not so sick that I am stuck in bed and totally miserable. So, it seemed like the perfect day to create a heart collage above our bed like the one I saw online that was so inspiring.
I've noticed since starting a blog years ago, we don't have many photos around our house. (Note to self: remedy that). I gathered a bunch from various drawers and albums and love how it turned out. These brought back such great memories: seeing the lowland gorillas in Cameroon, chilling in India with Dale, the family trip to Thailand a few years ago, my grandma at her kitchen table, and Dale's sweet pine cabin when he lived in Chile. My next step is to print out some more recent ones and fill in the middle with more love and memories.
An added bonus is that it detracts just a bit from the hideous a/c tube that was surprisingly installed over the summer, right above our bed! Yes, the cutie stayed home today as well. She is only mildly sick, but I always think that no teacher wants to be seeing a kid sneeze and having grody snot all over the place! She's downstairs with Momo making 'research' books while I recuperate lazily in bed.


popo said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well sweetie, but glad that you are taking the time to rest and be inspired. xoxoxox Get well...we are coming soon.

Anonymous said...

best to takie care of yourself! Your collage looks great! Love NieNIe

Dear Librarian said...

That's cool! I agree--with blogging we don't have many pictures around the house. I just might have to copy you;D