Saturday, August 20, 2011

Whew--Day 2!

Confession time. I was the tiniest bit freaked out that Sojo became so serious in her uniform photo yesterday. My just-barely-under-the-surface fears of conformity and uniforms and traditional schooling peeked out that morning, and I had a vision of her losing her funkiness.
Day 2, she had PE and dressed herself. Complete with Hello Kitty necklace and a request for 3 braids, not 2.

Whew. Funkiness prevails.


popo said...

I can do nothing but giggle about this kid. She is soooo funky and soooo darn cute.

Dyann said...

I completely agree about the scariness of conformity, but, man, uniforms sure even the socio-economic playing field like nothing else. As a parent of a tweener trying desperately to keep up with the millionaire Jonesel, my life would be exponentially easier (and cheaper) if school clothes were decided for us. :)

Sharon said...

Yikes, it WAS scary for a minute there. Seriously, I just can't imagine that Sojo will EVER really conform. Fingers crossed. Love the three braids. Ha!

Mojo and Caffee said...

The funk has not gone.