Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Night Checkers

Tara had a night out with the girls for wine and foot massages, so I stayed home with Sojo. And after an evening swim, I wondered, “Is almost-five too young for checkers?” But, a couple of crayons, a scrap piece of butcher paper and a ziploc bag of poker chips (for boys’ night poker games that never happened) later, Voila! Baba and Sojo’s first real game of checkers – with rules, strategy and everything. The best part was watching Sojo’s brain work until she realized that she could jump one of my pieces and take it for her ‘treasure chest’ (always a hint of pirate in her games). She’d work her eyebrows up and down and tentatively say, “hmm … I think I’ll jump this one!” And, yes, for anyone out there in the family who’s keeping count: Sojo won two games. Baba: none.

A wonderful evening: the swim, the checkers, a couple of bedtime books, a back scratch and a beautiful little girl sleeping peacefully. I hope this is the first of many, many games of checkers together.


popo said... are the best. You make this old Popo's eyes water with that joy that comes from watching your grand child grow up with such love and good old family fun. Am I surprised Sojo beat you? Nope!

Kimbra said...

Great to see such a cool post from you Dale. I love that you are playing checkers with Sojo. Mimi's latest thing is go fish, with real cards, not the baby version, and I love how good she has gotten already. So many other things get taught when you play board games etc with your children. Loving it!