Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ninja Taekwondo Girl

Activities have started, and I now see how hard it is not to overschedule your child. There are so many cool options for the little ones! However, we are keeping it to two choices this semester, and our newest sport is taekwondo. Sojo has been keen on taekwondo for a while now as she sees it as a sport where she can somehow be a ninja. Either that, or it's the awesome outfit she gets to wear. She was positively glowing when she put it on and did her best ninja move.

The teacher was great--incredibly strict, but I like that he is honoring the discipline of the sport, even at a young age. Sojo listened so well and tried her best at every task. I sat back and watched those two black braids jump right into it.
With yoga as her second activity, she will be the yin and yang of sports.


popo said...

Be still my heart ...

popo said...

BTW...your Dad and I took tawkwando lessons years ago in NY. I quit after one lesson because I came a hair's breath away from kicking a girl in the face. Not my thing...couldn't get my yin with my yang I guess. Your Dad did it for years and was close to his black belt when he gave it up. Don't remember why he did. Time probably or another thing he wanted to do. I can't wait to see Sojo show us her moves. I will do yoga with her and your Dad can do the taekwando.