Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movin' On Up

The crib that Sojo slept in when we first became a family turned into a toddler bed with the quick removal of the sides, but her growing body simply will not fit in a toddler bed any longer. She's an active sleeper, and we often hear her bang into the wall with her legs or find her legs hanging off the edge in the middle of the night.

Time for a true big girl bed. We bought a mattress the other day but have yet to find a frame or bedroom set that speaks to us, so handy Dale put together a platform for the new mattress.

However, until tomorrow evening, when the new mattress will be here, the platform is the most perfect stage for our drama queen. Last night, she ran downstairs to grab her silver sparkle shoes to do a tap-dance show.

Already thinking that Dale's next project is a real stage, not a temporary one. We are a family who loves a stage.


popo said...

I am sure she will use her new bed for a stage until she gets another one built by Baba.

Sparkle shoes and dinosaur pj's...well of course.

Dyann said...

She looks crazy grown-up in this pic!

Anonymous said...

When does she get into high school?!
From Jo, another drama queen!