Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today was one of the coolest days ever for us.
Here is what I will remember:

1. Sojo remembering all the steps her teacher had told her during the orientation meeting. Everything in our house the last month for her has been "step one...step two...," so this was great practice to remember what to do when entering the classroom.

2. Watching Sojo choose her favorite robot book and sit down in the Hub to read quietly while I worked a bit.

3. Popping in at lunchtime to help her with food choices b/c of the allergies. Finding it incredibly bizarre that I did not even recognize my own kid in line. They all were wearing red, were basically the same height and there were tons of Asian kids. It kind of freaked me out for a minute, but then I saw her cute face!

4. Every other first day picture is her being her silly self. This year, maybe because of the uniform, she was more serious. She didn't even want to have a necklace or any splash of color at all.

5. She loves her teacher tons and was so happy to spend the day with her. When we asked who her new friend was, she said Teacher Jennifer.

Can't beat riding in style to your first day of school. The golf cart got a sprucing up and a paint job over the summer. It's like driving a big ball of sunshine. Love it!

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popo said...

Firsts are such gifts to us as parents. Times we never forget. The sunshine yellow golf cart reminds me of your first day of school waiting for the sunshine yellow school bus. How appropriate to paint it yellow.