Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm Old Now

It is the night before Sojo's first day of school at ISB. She is so excited and so ready. We are so excited and so ready. Most of all, she is so big. Those legs just keep growing!
Proof positive that she is big. She asked to help me wash the dishes the other night, and we stood side by side, her washing and me rinsing. It was profoundly beautiful and felt so important and real to me. She turned and said to me, "Mama, I'm getting older now. I need some pocket money." Classic. We are officially doing chores.

Sneak preview of the first day of school. It has not yet arrived, but that has not stopped her from wearing the school uniform for the last week. Cute overload!


Dyann said...

That's an awesome uniform! So cute. I wish, wish, wish we had uniforms around here. The jeans and white shirt of IAA was my favorite ever. :)

Sojo's teachers are lucky to have her! I hope the first day is wonderful for all of you.

popo said...

Be still my heart