Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dream Job

As if my library job wasn't dreamy enough, now I have this super cute kid who comes to see me once a week. Besides refusing to call me Miss Tara (we got as far as Miss Mama, but she actually never called me anything at all), she was good to go. One of my plans was to practice fighting over a book and have the wee ones think of how to solve the problem. Sojo was my helper, and we went over how to do it the previous night. She was totally in character and a hoot! When I asked the kids to think of what to do, she immediately shouted out, "CHECK IT OUT THE NEXT DAY!!" So much for teacher wait time...
Having Sojo so close is simply wonderful. Both Dale and I try and control ourselves by not spying too often, but every now and then I run into her as I am walking the halls. The joy it brings me is bigger than I thought joy could be.

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popo said...

Hey, Miss have a cute kid there.