Monday, August 29, 2011

Big Arms

I love this season in Thailand.* It's hot, but not crazy hot like in April when even the simple act of breathing makes you sweat. It's hot, but the kind of hot where you get home from school, change right into a swimsuit and hit the pool. And it's soooo refreshing.
Sojo is swimming on her own now, even in the deep end. Most of the time, she bobs along and swims like a frog, but we have been encouraging her to use those 'big arms' her swim teacher taught her to use. What do you know? One swim with the big girls at housing and those big arms appeared. Well, they might be called 'flailing arms,' but she is getting the hang of it.

* I love just about every season in Thailand. I'm more of a 2-season girl than a 4-season girl. Rainy and dry seasons do me just fine.


popo said...

I love getting up to a new blog entry. I love seeing what Sojo is up to. I love that you record so beautifully her life. I love you dear daughter and cannot wait to plunge into the pool with that girl and see her arms flail or glide through the water. Counting the days.

Dyann said...

Wow! That's fantastic! It must feel so good to know that she is solid in the water. She looks like a natural!