Thursday, July 07, 2011

Cooler Temps and Copious Coffee

It seems that July is the magic month in Washington--having looked at the weather forecast the past few months, there has been nothing but rain and more rain. Then, suddenly, the sun comes out in July (hence the reason I love Washington so much, having only been here in July) and it's glorious. Laundry on the line, perfect crisp mornings for coffee and lots of outdoor time for Sojo.

Of course, she is still calling Popo and Gong Gong to check up on Matthew. Her new dog is actually her wagon. I found myself feeding a wagon the other night (cranberry juice and Gorilla Munch cereal) and we even got up early yesterday to take him to the bakery on his leash. He does make less of a mess than Matthew, the Arizona dog, but he definitely can't jump up on the couch with us.
So far, it's been one more lovely wedding (our niece this time), lots of walking around the town, perfect views of the snow-covered mountains and so much cousin love. Even last night, she asked to go in the 'cousin car' to dinner. Very cute. Plus, it's always nice to have others with whom to share the yumminess of an Otter pop.
There is something so beautiful about coming back to a space each year. Airing out quilts, unpacking toys, the gong of the clock tower and settling back into a familiar routine. The light that streams through our bedroom window makes me want to do nothing but nap all day.

Sojo's main objective this summer is to walk to the bakery every single day to get some danish bites. Better yet, she skips.


popo said...

Good thing I am not there if she is wanting to go to the bakery daily. I am not sure how long I could deny myself the pleasure of a cheese stick. Those danish bites sound mighty tempting too. Think of me next bite.

popo said...

I think there is definitely a Maltese in your future.