Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My brother, Sean, got married to his love, Katherine, this past weekend. It was a stunning wedding, and watching my sweet brother look so happy was beyond beautiful. Making it extra special was the fact that Dale and I, along with my brother Matt and his wife Cathy, stood up for him. Unfortunately, being on the groom's side meant I only got pictures of the groomspeople and not of the bride! We'll have to wait for the professionals to see those beauties.

And this one--her inner princess was officially unleashed for the wedding. She was a star being the flower girl, and I even saw her working it a bit at the photo shoot. She never ceases to surprise us.


Dyann said...

Beautiful! You all look gorgeous, the eyelashes are fabulous ;), and the love in your family is just so evident. Helen, you look absolutely fantastic!

popo said...

Aaah, love...there is nothing like it.

Anonymous said...

Great pics!!! Love NieNie