Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camping Reunion

My freshman year of college was tons of fun and more than a little bit on the crazy side. A large part of the fun was the great group of people I met in my dorm, and there are so many memories attached to that window of time when we all were stretching our wings for the first time. One such memory was a group camping trip, of which I can only remember blasting the Cure on someone's car radio (that would be so annoying in my 40's!) and being incredibly envious of our friends Jay and Gretchen who had enough foresight to bring real food like pancakes instead of the beer and bagels many of us brought.
20+ years later, thanks to the connections of facebook, we gathered as many of us as are in Arizona still and went camping again. With eight kids in tow, we have changed a lot over the years, but we quickly settled into a groove that told me we didn't really change that much--we are more mellow but such interesting people all grown up now.

The gaggle of older girls took Sojo under their wing in a way that made my heart ache with gratitude. She felt so loved and so happy. The icing on her cake was the discovery of Otter Pops. Blue ones, to be specific. Lots of them.Topping off the fun was a stop in the town of Prescott for some microbrewed beer in a growler, along with some impromptu hooping. Perfect ending.


Dyann said...

So many girls! Something must have been in the drinking water at your college.... :)

I cringe now to think about the rowdy campfire scenes I was part of in my we sit quietly telling stories around the campfire, wishing the rowdies at the site next to us would settle down... :)

popo said...

Can I just say, I am so glad we both survived those college years and I can relax now when you say you are going camping. Just sayin'