Friday, May 20, 2011

Roller Derby Queen

When it's as hot as it is now, we have to get creative about our weekend activities. Other than being in the pool or in the air-conditioned house, there isn't much else to do but walk around the mall. Good thing our mall has a makeshift rollerblading area in the basement, complete with random hay bales.

Being that Sojo has a freakishly good sense of balance, we went to give it a try. She was actually too young to do it, but they bent the rules a bit and let her skate around the waiting area that had astroturf on it. Suffice it to say she loved it and went around and around in circles for about an hour. Dale and I felt like we were back in the beginning walking stage, being all hunched over and keeping her from falling.

We've also found out that there is an indoor ice rink nearby--now that sounds like the perfect Saturday activity for the hot season. Next on the list!


popo said...

she does have unbelievable sense of balance. Enjoy. Soon you will be on a plane to Tucson...yeah....

Anonymous said...

When you're in Tucson, you'll need to take Sojohani over to my parents for a golf cart ride excursion AND an impromptu Gene Collins magic show. Plus I'm sure my dad would love to "talk shop" with Dale about his bluegrass band.