Wednesday, May 04, 2011


After about 9 weeks of a very restricted diet, we've begun adding foods back in. We have enough of a baseline for her skin to be able to see the difference easily. Eggs were consumed with extreme gusto but caused hives twice--darn the luck! It was fun while it lasted, and we'll be on the hunt for duck eggs and quail eggs while home in the U.S. as we hear those are tolerable.
Just the other day, we brought back tom kha gai, her all-time favorite food. What a huge bummer that hives appeared almost immediately, so we have to find a way to make it without the package bought at the store. Our hypothesis right now is that any sort of processing or preservative seems to set her off. For example, my pita bread--no reaction. Store-bought pita break--big reaction.

Thankfully, Sojo can eat gluten and wheat without any reaction, so I am still baking pita bread almost daily (with brie melted on top is so yummy for me!), as well as homemade tortillas. Time-consuming, yes, but so delicious that it's worth every knead!

Fish is ok for her, too, and summer plans of devouring salmon are in the works!

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