Friday, May 13, 2011


Every three years, there is a library and technology conference sponsored by the European council of schools. Lucky for me, this year's conference is being hosted in Istanbul, a perfectly magical city that has me completely smitten. Between all the great library learning, I've had some time to explore the city a bit. Wandering around the old city made me wish for a taste of European living for our family in the future, and the conference sponsored a cruise on the Bosphorus river that took place on the sunniest of afternoons. So beautiful.
My prediction is that I'll be driving Dale crazy with talk of Istanbul for the next few weeks.


popo said...

Please go there before we are too old to travel. Would love to visit you in a place like that. So glad you are enjoying your adventure and getting to show them your "stuff".

Dyann said...

Love your sailing outfit! You're so cute!

Please have a few chunks of nougat for me, will ya? :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Nie Nie