Monday, April 18, 2011

Plan B

Plan A involved a spring break of snorkeling in Krabi, a gorgeous area of Thailand.
Plan B involved a somewhat urgent dental issue that required a tooth extraction, and so we made the difficult choice to put her under for the procedure. It was the best decision all around, even though I can't remember ever being so scared in all my life (and I've kinda done some scary things).

Of course, prior to any sort of surgery, one must have a bit of bling applied to the toes. Sojo's newest acquisition, a Chinese newspaper, is her latest go-to reading material. I swear I don't make these things up--the kid walks around with a Chinese newspaper folded under her arm lately.

Snorkeling in Krabi has been postponed until October! Definitely something to look forward to.


popo said...

Chinese newspaper? Where does this girl get this imagination? She cracks me up. Life with her is just one adventure after another. Sometimes a quiet relazing "staycation" is what everyone needs.

Prita said...

I am cracking up at the newspaper photo! Too funny! Glad Sojo is feeling better. :)

Mojo and Caffee said...

Too funny. Chinese newspaper.