Friday, April 29, 2011

Ninjas & Other Characters

Lately, we've been watching a Backyardigans show called Samurai Pie that is all about samurais stealing pie. In our house, the samurai concept has morphed into ninjas, and Sojo became one today and asked for a ninja photo shoot. This is her being stealth-like.

This is her spaceship, complete with a special place to store her boosters when she is licking the cupcake bowl.
Dale set up a random game of pool last weekend. Just to get her prepped for college one day.
And you can't beat a game of pirate fishing.
Sometimes I wish I could send her to imagination school.

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popo said...

Good golly molly...she will be the professor at imagination school. Love it! Can't wait for a bit of imagination running around our house again. Soon!