Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Life Books

This space for writing about Sojo's life means the world to us. Each time I post, I linger and re-read past posts and find myself so darn happy that those amazing moments are written down. It has truly become Sojo's life story. And because it is her only baby book, we wanted to make sure we had hard copies of the photos and words to treasure at home.

We recently took the entire blog and turned it into softcover books--lots of them! We are doing them in six-month chunks so they are not the size of encyclopedias, and they are so adorable. I used Blog2Print because it was easy and intuitive, and now we have a whole set of what Sojo calls her "life books."

Nothing sweeter than seeing your kid reading about her own amazing life.


popo said...

Good golly molly...I am missing that precious little kid. Counting the day...2 months and 2 days.

Amy said...

I am in love with this idea. I can't wait to try it.
Now I'm getting good ideas from your work blog and your home blog. Thank goodness for Tara E!

Julie Coast Miller said...

I have seem many books made from friends' photos of trips and holiday celebrations and yours TOPS them all. How wonderful that this is available and you are able to have Sojo's life right there for her to enjoy. I guess we are in a new generation and this is the newest way of preserving life's everyday happenings. Don't you wish we had a 'book' of our lives...there is so much one forgets! I love that you have preserved the 'everyday' antics of your precious little girl. Someday, I will meet her and will feel like I already know her - all because of your bloggins. Love you for sharing it all. Your cousin in Pennsylvania, Julie