Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bangkok Bikers

Dale and I had a blast today--we headed out on a half-day bike tour that was partly through the Bangkok streets but mostly on this island that was so close to the city, yet so far from the feel of the city. We toodled around elevated pathways over canals, visited a floating market, and felt like travellers again!
This huge dead python greeted us when we started our ride and was there when we returned. As we went to take a photo, two local boys rushed over and showed us that someone had tied a string to its head. It went downhill from there as they took off running, dragging the dead python behind them. Yikes!

Dale decided we should do the typical "I'm a cool cyclist" move on our way back to the city. I could barely lift my bike, which must mean that I'm not as cool as I think. Bangkok in the background is fabulous, though.
After the three-hour ride, we wound our way back through the somewhat insane Bangkok streets. Since this is the hottest time of the year, we were more than happy to finish up the day with a cold Singha beer.

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popo said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Makes me wish I was 40 again and able to manage a bike for 4 hours in Bangkok heat. Is there a way to see what you did on foot? I will live vicariously through you today. Glad you had a great time.