Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bangkok Bikers

Dale and I had a blast today--we headed out on a half-day bike tour that was partly through the Bangkok streets but mostly on this island that was so close to the city, yet so far from the feel of the city. We toodled around elevated pathways over canals, visited a floating market, and felt like travellers again!
This huge dead python greeted us when we started our ride and was there when we returned. As we went to take a photo, two local boys rushed over and showed us that someone had tied a string to its head. It went downhill from there as they took off running, dragging the dead python behind them. Yikes!

Dale decided we should do the typical "I'm a cool cyclist" move on our way back to the city. I could barely lift my bike, which must mean that I'm not as cool as I think. Bangkok in the background is fabulous, though.
After the three-hour ride, we wound our way back through the somewhat insane Bangkok streets. Since this is the hottest time of the year, we were more than happy to finish up the day with a cold Singha beer.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ninjas & Other Characters

Lately, we've been watching a Backyardigans show called Samurai Pie that is all about samurais stealing pie. In our house, the samurai concept has morphed into ninjas, and Sojo became one today and asked for a ninja photo shoot. This is her being stealth-like.

This is her spaceship, complete with a special place to store her boosters when she is licking the cupcake bowl.
Dale set up a random game of pool last weekend. Just to get her prepped for college one day.
And you can't beat a game of pirate fishing.
Sometimes I wish I could send her to imagination school.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Plan B

Plan A involved a spring break of snorkeling in Krabi, a gorgeous area of Thailand.
Plan B involved a somewhat urgent dental issue that required a tooth extraction, and so we made the difficult choice to put her under for the procedure. It was the best decision all around, even though I can't remember ever being so scared in all my life (and I've kinda done some scary things).

Of course, prior to any sort of surgery, one must have a bit of bling applied to the toes. Sojo's newest acquisition, a Chinese newspaper, is her latest go-to reading material. I swear I don't make these things up--the kid walks around with a Chinese newspaper folded under her arm lately.

Snorkeling in Krabi has been postponed until October! Definitely something to look forward to.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sojo's Singing

After Sojo's bath the other night, she broke into impromtu song!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Life Books

This space for writing about Sojo's life means the world to us. Each time I post, I linger and re-read past posts and find myself so darn happy that those amazing moments are written down. It has truly become Sojo's life story. And because it is her only baby book, we wanted to make sure we had hard copies of the photos and words to treasure at home.

We recently took the entire blog and turned it into softcover books--lots of them! We are doing them in six-month chunks so they are not the size of encyclopedias, and they are so adorable. I used Blog2Print because it was easy and intuitive, and now we have a whole set of what Sojo calls her "life books."

Nothing sweeter than seeing your kid reading about her own amazing life.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


After a very strange week of having 65 degree days and rainy weather during what is supposed to be the driest and hottest time of the year, we are back to our normal, sweaty lives. The sun came streaming in the other evening, bouncing off Sojo's golden hat and making the entire room awash in gold.

It seems we keep visiting the very tall sparkly-hat pile at our local grocery store. We add to the collection every now and then--guess you can't have enough sparkly magician hats.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Showing Off the Skin Trophy

Last weekend, we headed back to the allergist to go over our progress thus far. Mind you, we had to lug the skin trophy all around the hospital because Sojo insisted that Dr. Karl get a chance to see it (so he could tell her, "Keep up the hard work!").

We are cautiously optimistic at the moment, which is so strange to write because I am the eternal optimist. This journey has tempered my optimism a bit, but we are seeing some results with some new detergent and a whole lot of continual dusting. It seems more and more that this is dust-related, so we have reintroduced bread. Talk about a happy kid. At this point, she is only eating bread that I make, which is actually a really yummy thing. We devoured a batch of homemade pita bread and a round of tortillas on Sunday, only to make a new batch Sunday night.

And, as if I need another reason to love our hospital--they had a balloon-making clown in the lobby. No, not Sojo, she is simply dressing like a clown with that sparkly hat.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Family Art Time

We've hit a real groove with art in our house of late. Sojo is so keen to draw, and we have taken our beloved yellow Chinese cabinet and turned it into a space for art supplies. During family art time, there is a peaceful and creative vibe, with stops every now and then to share a bit of your work. Downright magical.
As Sojo's robot love is still a big part of her life, we've been reading lots of Ricky Ricotta books. Imagine our delight when we found a drawing tutorial in the back of the book. I was stunned watching Sojo take such time with each and every detail of the robot, all the while referring back to the directions in the book. It was a pretty solid robot drawing at the end. I love thinking of family art time evolving over the years in our family.