Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Skin Trophy

With all the skin drama and the diet changes and doctor visits, this kid still manages to be one of the grooviest spirits around. Part of me thinks that walking through this world in a relative state of discomfort is creating this amazing character in her. And even though her skin is showing great signs of improvement (darn well better with the amount of steroids the kid is on at the moment!), we wanted to give her some sort of reward to acknowledge just how hard she is working.

Hence the skin trophy. She has wanted a trophy for a while (golden obsession), and so we thought that a skin trophy would be the coolest thing ever. We talked about it for a few weeks, building it up a bit and getting her excited that when she wasn't scratching as much, we'd celebrate with a skin trophy.
This is literally the expression when she opened her eyes to find it on her lap. Her words-- "it's so golden" with sheer awe in her voice.

Mind you, we've basically ruined her because of the size of the trophy, but this is the one Dale was given, dragged out of the back of a school closet from years past. I can picture now when she comes home with her first tiny soccer trophy, a bit disappointed. "Yea, it's nice, but it's nothing like my skin trophy!"


popo said...

She deserves every golden shine in it. That smile and the wonder of the awe ...

Sharon said...

You are the most awesome parents EVER! Who would think of a skin trophy? It's brilliant, and look how happy that little peanut is. Beautiful.