Saturday, March 12, 2011


Noticeably absent from the blog has been an update about the little guy we are trying to adopt here in Thailand. That is because we are stuck in adoption limbo, a common woe of those who choose this path. Our timeline of 6 months from start to finish has long come and gone, and we have just now been granted an interview with the Thai government social worker. This will take place in May, and we will hopefully have a bit more information then.
In the meantime, we purchased a painting of the bodhi tree, made of little sheets of gold-leaf paper used to cover buddhas. At first, I was a little freaked out that we had bought something that was basically gold lame to put in the dining room, but now I just can't take eyes off it. With the way the sun changes all day, the painting looks different from every angle, and with the sun going down, it's stunning.
Sojo said she'll wait 10 years for Bodhi. Help me, Rhonda--a teenager AND a toddler! Not sure we can wait that long.


popo said...

The "Bodhi" tree is beautiful as is the big sister who waits, like we all do. Waiting is a part of parenthood. What a beautiful piece of art and Thailand to look at while you wait. And then again, that sweet Sojo too. Keeping good thoughts and prayers going out into the universe.

Prita said...

I was wondering how the adoption process was going... hope things pick up soon for you!

Narayan said...

was looking for sketches of the Bodhi tree and i came on to your beautiful golden bodhi tree. Was reading and thought to ask about the baby you might have adopted, how did everything go ?

Tara and Dale said...

Thanks for your comment, Narayan. Unfortunately, the wait was going to be many years and we had to give up the thought of adopting from Thailand. We still have the beautiful painting to remind us of him. ;)