Sunday, March 20, 2011

Behind the Lens

Sojo has wanted a camera of her own for a while now. So, from the back of a drawer, we resurrected an old one that was missing a battery charger and had been dropped way too many times, and it's all hers. She loves having a camera and is now documenting life from her perspective. We went for a big photo walk the other day, and it was so cool to see what is photo-worthy in her mind. These were her picks of the favorite three photos--the other 87 were either crazy self-portraits, Dale and I making silly faces, or the floor. the favorite disco ball
gorgeous tropical flower
and robot creations.


Anonymous said...

Great! Neat to see what she thinks is photo worthy! Love Nie Nie

popo said...

Wow, I am impressed. She is doing a great job of seeing the world through a lens...her lens.

popo said...

Sometimes I comment and it "rejects" me. :( So, I try again. Just a word or two about the creativity of this sweet child. She is so darn cute in her creativity...she does it with such flare. I can't wait to have her take a picture of the desert and maybe me. Heee...heeee

Amy said...

I love putting cameras in kids hands. Mostly we see pictures of Blake's hands - his fingers, but sometimes, magic. We are missing you at EARCOS. I just had my gazillionth beer on the patio. What is it about beer in the tropics that makes them taste extra good? Happy spring to you and yours,