Wednesday, February 09, 2011


It has been a rough few weeks in our household. Actually, a rough few months. We truly tried to be open to homeopathic medicine, but her condition just worsened at the weeks went on. Last weekend, we made the hard decision to abandon that route and head back to the dermatologist. Thankfully, Bangkok is about the most convenient city ever, and there was a pediatric dermatologist who had office hours on Sunday night. No joke--healthcare is that convenient here.
We discovered she had secondary bacterial infections all over her wrists and ankles. Making the decision to go back to steroids temporarily to get her skin back to something resembling normal was a tough one. However, the relief she felt (and we felt--watching your child suffer is horrible) made it worth it, and once it's back on track, we'll continue finding ways to help her, hopefully without steroids.
Sojo missed over a week of school, and her class made her this poster for her welcome back today. She loved it so much and wound up calling it her newspaper. During family reading time, she decided we should take a 'reading walk' around the complex. So much fun, and we even sought out a few friends who we know love reading and went to visit them on our walk. Lucky for us, our reading friend Chrissy had marshmallows out when we popped in!

*Proof that things are getting better...not a single night of complete sleep for any of us in three months. Last night, she slept through the night. Sweet relief.


Popo and Gong Gong said...

How precious, how sweet, how thoughtful, how wonderful that you all got a full night's sleep. How we miss you all. Hugs all around.

Helen said...

She is looking so grown up. Long legs, long grown up.

Dyann said...

Poor little chickadee. I wish you all continued relief and sleep.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully sleeping through the nightwill continue. She is getting so big! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date with your busy schedules. Love NieNie

Ingrid said...

We have had same thing...and there is NOTHING like the relief, however brief from that tube of the dreaded steroid. And nothing like the pulling of the feelings this right? Is this wrong? We just want to do what is best.....we're all in this together! Heartfelt best wishes in your search for other relief.....we have taken Lars to an osteopath and that has made a world of difference on many fronts. We just keep trying ;-) And know you do too!