Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maka Bucha & Super Sojo

We are on a long weekend for the Thai holiday of Maka Bucha, and we stayed here in town to take advantage of the newly arrived hot season with some pool time, nap time and family time.

Super Sojo showed up this weekend, and Super Mama somehow pulled off the incredibly daunting task of creating a cinnamon raisin bread with NO wheat, NO cow milk, and NO egg. Usually when I try this, the final product is horrible, but I found a great recipe online, tweaked it a bit with using flax seed instead of eggs, and it worked! Well, almost worked as it's a bit flat, but Sojo didn't care, and it even passed the Dale test--a very hard test to pass. We are on doctor #857, a pediatric allergist, and we've got Sojo on a full elimination diet (no egg, wheat, milk, seafood, nuts, chocolate and soy) as he believes strongly that most eczema is food-related. We just need to find out which food is causing the ruckus.Until then, Dale has made some awesome snack charts for Sojo with lots of different choices and stickers next to her favorites. And even though she does miss croissants "so much," at least we have found a way to fill the bread void. Whew!


Anonymous said...

So sorry for poor little Sojo. Can you find potato flour or rice flour to cook with? What a challenge to make foods she likes with what is safe to use...Hope you find the "bad" food soon.
Love, Aunt Sylvia

Dyann said...

That is the best sleeping pic of all time!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Love the sleeping one! Love Nie Nie