Monday, February 07, 2011

10 Things From This Moment in Time

1. Long legs that keep on growing
2. Fierce concentration to be on the swings by herself
3. A new interest in joining a soccer team (b/c she wants a trophy)
4. Sparklymania--she sees sparkly things everywhere!
5. Her latest medicine made her lose her taste for tom kha gai, which was downright tragic to her. She informed us today that it now tastes like it used to. whew!
6. All water must be drunk with 2 ice cubes
7. Every 'extra time' in doing something must be 4 minutes because she is four. This is funny because sometimes we offer her more minutes but she always negotiates for 4.
8. She still loves being Chinese and claims to speak the language.
9. Whenever she meets anyone new around her age, she will not speak English to them because she is afraid they can't speak English. Mainly, she does this grunt-and-point thing that is just plain strange.
10. The kid is dangerously good at the iPad app called Cut the Rope. Like, freaky good.


popo said...

I love the look of concentration. I just plain love that girl. She is a hoot and so much fun. Makes this getting older by the moment Popo feel younger.

Dyann said...

I love this list! What a great snapshot of this moment in time!