Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Dragonfly Named Puppy

A random dragonfly appearing in Sojo's room tonight caused the cutest chain reaction. I mentioned that we had lots of dragonflies when we lived in China, so she then decided that this particular dragonfly had flown all the way from China to be with her because it was looking for a Chinese friend. We hung out with our new friend, Puppy (textbook psychology shows that the kid just wants a real pet!), all night long, and Sojo simply could not be convinced to open the window and let it go back outside.
There were promises made that she would go outside tomorrow to find food for it, giddy delight every time she climbed off the bed to take a peek at it, and panic when it flew somewhere in the room where she couldn't find it. She's actually sleeping with her door closed for the first time in her life tonight, just so Puppy doesn't fly out her door.

On the bright side, dragonflies are super low-maintenance pets. Just the kind we like.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maka Bucha & Super Sojo

We are on a long weekend for the Thai holiday of Maka Bucha, and we stayed here in town to take advantage of the newly arrived hot season with some pool time, nap time and family time.

Super Sojo showed up this weekend, and Super Mama somehow pulled off the incredibly daunting task of creating a cinnamon raisin bread with NO wheat, NO cow milk, and NO egg. Usually when I try this, the final product is horrible, but I found a great recipe online, tweaked it a bit with using flax seed instead of eggs, and it worked! Well, almost worked as it's a bit flat, but Sojo didn't care, and it even passed the Dale test--a very hard test to pass. We are on doctor #857, a pediatric allergist, and we've got Sojo on a full elimination diet (no egg, wheat, milk, seafood, nuts, chocolate and soy) as he believes strongly that most eczema is food-related. We just need to find out which food is causing the ruckus.Until then, Dale has made some awesome snack charts for Sojo with lots of different choices and stickers next to her favorites. And even though she does miss croissants "so much," at least we have found a way to fill the bread void. Whew!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life in Short Sleeves

We are loving life in short sleeves around here! And just in time because our super-extended cool season has just finished and the sweat is starting to roll again.
It's been a fun week with an International Day at Sojo's school, some flashy new hair ribbons from the salon and a fingerpainting Saturday. Life is good.

And a bit of unexpected beauty this week. Unbeknownst to me, someone had grafted an orchid onto the trunk of a large potted plant we bought. Just yesterday, I spotted a beautiful bundle of teeny, dime-sized blooms. Instant joy that fed my love of all things tiny.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


It has been a rough few weeks in our household. Actually, a rough few months. We truly tried to be open to homeopathic medicine, but her condition just worsened at the weeks went on. Last weekend, we made the hard decision to abandon that route and head back to the dermatologist. Thankfully, Bangkok is about the most convenient city ever, and there was a pediatric dermatologist who had office hours on Sunday night. No joke--healthcare is that convenient here.
We discovered she had secondary bacterial infections all over her wrists and ankles. Making the decision to go back to steroids temporarily to get her skin back to something resembling normal was a tough one. However, the relief she felt (and we felt--watching your child suffer is horrible) made it worth it, and once it's back on track, we'll continue finding ways to help her, hopefully without steroids.
Sojo missed over a week of school, and her class made her this poster for her welcome back today. She loved it so much and wound up calling it her newspaper. During family reading time, she decided we should take a 'reading walk' around the complex. So much fun, and we even sought out a few friends who we know love reading and went to visit them on our walk. Lucky for us, our reading friend Chrissy had marshmallows out when we popped in!

*Proof that things are getting better...not a single night of complete sleep for any of us in three months. Last night, she slept through the night. Sweet relief.

Monday, February 07, 2011

10 Things From This Moment in Time

1. Long legs that keep on growing
2. Fierce concentration to be on the swings by herself
3. A new interest in joining a soccer team (b/c she wants a trophy)
4. Sparklymania--she sees sparkly things everywhere!
5. Her latest medicine made her lose her taste for tom kha gai, which was downright tragic to her. She informed us today that it now tastes like it used to. whew!
6. All water must be drunk with 2 ice cubes
7. Every 'extra time' in doing something must be 4 minutes because she is four. This is funny because sometimes we offer her more minutes but she always negotiates for 4.
8. She still loves being Chinese and claims to speak the language.
9. Whenever she meets anyone new around her age, she will not speak English to them because she is afraid they can't speak English. Mainly, she does this grunt-and-point thing that is just plain strange.
10. The kid is dangerously good at the iPad app called Cut the Rope. Like, freaky good.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

New year and back to blogging!

Nothing like a new set of Chinese New Year clothes to put a smile on your face. Sojo's been under the weather this week, and even though she didn't go to school today, she spent all day in her shiny Chinese clothes. As we left for school this morning, there were promises of a yummy Chinese dinner along with a gift for CNY 2011. Momo, our nanny/housekeeper/cook/wonderwoman, made one of Sojo's favorite recipes from when we lived in China--lo mi (fried rice with cilantro and pork-yum!), and we had some steamed buns to go along with the rice. But all focus was really on the present, so we opened it midway through. These lucky cats are found everywhere in China as they mean that more money will come your way, and when Sojo was really little, we had to stop by this one shop window every time we passed just to look at the lucky cat. She was almost as enthralled with our new golden cat as she was all those years ago. A little red envelope hong bao will be waiting for her tomorrow with a bit of spending money in it. I know our girl has had her eye on a small, glittery disco ball at a nearby shop. She's a bit of a magpie lately with the love of all things shiny.