Friday, January 21, 2011

Wedding Shoes

It is fair to say that our sweet girl is very in touch with the traditional boy stuff of robots and dinosaurs. Normally, dolls and princesses fall in the 'blech!' category for her. I'll refrain from going on about how this can be quite embarrassing in public when someone decides to call her a princess. Let's just say she is honest and 'blech!' is often her response.

So when she does tap into the girly-girl side, we try and support it the best we can to give her some balance. And sparkles are definitely on the radar for her; she can spot them from across the room of late. Take these fabulous golden princess shoes that she simply had to have at the mall. Since she will be one of the flower girls in my brother's wedding this upcoming summer, they have become her fancy tiny-heeled wedding shoes. What cracked me up was when we were on the playground the other day, and she wanted to show the shoes to her friend Stella, who loves princess stuff. Stella literally gasped when she saw the shoes Sojo bought. Guess all of us were a bit shocked with the purchase.


popo said...

She sure dances to her own beat. Love the shoes and especially that smile. Who says you can't be girly girl with sparkles and glitter and still love robots and dinosaurs?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the shoes match her hat. What fun! Love Nie Nie

Dyann said...

Adorable. The look on her face is priceless.