Sunday, January 23, 2011


This stage of development and its fierce creativity is so fun for all of us. Sojo decided the other night to put on a spontaneous cello concert on the back porch for all her stuffed animals. It was quite a production as lots of friends came, and she belted out her rendition of Rudolph while strumming the 'cello.' The next afternoon, I overheard her playing with friends and asking them, "Who wants to play the cello now?" Suddenly, I had this vision of Sojo lugging around a cello twice her size in a few years. Made me smile to see more proof that this kid is so completely her own person at such a wee age.


popo said...

Oh my...I do see a prodigy in the works here. And, I am glad to see that Shi-Shi is one of her invited friends.

Anonymous said...

Great! Looking forward to hearing her concert. Love NieNie