Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arizona Beauty

In light of the recent tragedy in Arizona, I thought it would be appropriate to share the stunningly beautiful side of this gorgeous state. A trip to Sabino Canyon on our last day was the perfect way to end a great trip. Dale and I decided to run the route while Sojo and my parents took the tram. We met at the top and soaked up the beauty while sipping hot cocoa before heading back down.

The trip was full of family and love and scootering and bacon--all good stuff and truly what's all about (bacon included on that statement). Worth every second of the way-too-long airplane ride.
And this one--it is all about the sequins after the Arizona trip. Love it!


popo said...

Thanks for all the good you see in Tucson. As we all reflect upon this horrific tragedy, we need reminded of the good in this world. I can't seem to watch it unfold on TV or in the paper without tears running down my face. It helps to look out at the sun rising over the Rincon Mts or reflect upon our trip into Sabino Canyon and be reminded that no matter how tragic one day was, there is a tomorrow and joy will come again. From all that has been said about those who lost their lives, they would want us all to seek that joy again. Miss you....

Anonymous said...

Looks like the canyon trip was great, sorry to have missed it but the time I had there was wonderful!
We know it snows around Tucson!
love Nie Nie