Friday, December 31, 2010

Tea Party

My mom is all about tea parties, and for some time now, she has wanted to have all the girls in the family go to high tea together. It was definitely a sequined event for Sojo as most everything is during this vacation, even if she did remove all sequins after entering the building. We drank the most delicious tea and had a great time chatting and eating.
Sojo helped everyone pick out their special tea cups and got her own pot of pink lemonade. We decided this should be a tradition every summer when we come home, which is the perfect excuse to continue buying sequined accessories!


popo said...

This definitely MUST become a tradition. I simply loved having all my girls there. Especially, that sequined one. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon.

Ingrid said...

I love your mum! It is the kind of thing my mum would want to do too, it made me smile.......just perfect with the pink teapot and sequins!