Thursday, December 16, 2010

Show #3

This was our last holiday show at Sojo's preschool, and it's our favorite time of the school year. This time around, she was a reindeer, which probably explains why that has been her character of choice the last few weeks at home. The only bummer this year was that she wasn't as bubbly as she normally is on stage. Most of the time, she looked a bit sad and serious when she is normally jumping all over the place. Seems the itchies are ruling her life lately, which kinda breaks this mama's heart.

No tears with Santa this year, and she was in heaven after the show because there were mini hot dogs. Not a normal fare at our house, (yuck!) but she could eat piles of them.

There's the girl we know and love. The ham in her came out only after the show was over!

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popo said...

Sweet Prancer...see you soon.