Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Sojo

Every time we sit down to create a story with the ready-made books, I say I'm going to do it more often. She has so much to say that giving her the chance to put it on paper is priceless, plus I love documenting her writing process.

Here is the latest creation called I Love, by Sojo

Things worth noticing

*Um, we don't have a unicycle, nor does she ride one.
*The whole 'don't throw it in the garbage' idea is something she is mentioning lately. I think it comes from the last Toy Story movie where the toys get thrown in the garbage. She just told me this morning that she loves me very much but doesn't want me to go into the garbage can.
*Most of the riding pictures are done from the side perspective. Cool to see that.
*The green bench makes the coolest background for just about everything.
*I Love...books are tons of fun and easy to do with kids.

1 comment:

Dyann said...

I'm very happy that she doesn't want you in the garbage! My daughter wouldn't always say the same about me. :) :)

I love the unicycle thing!