Sunday, December 05, 2010

Girls' Day at the Doctor

For some time now, we've had Sojo on a big dose of steroid cream for her eczema. Unfortunately, it's taken a toll on her pigmentation, and so the doctor told us to take her off it completely. Only problem then is that it appears that all the eczema that has been suppressed by the steroids is now on the surface, and the poor thing is just covered with red, itchy, leathery skin. Worse than ever before. Blah. So, I took a day off work this week, and we bounced from doctor to doctor in search of a solution. First stop was our pediatrician who really had no solutions other than telling me that she will learn to scratch less when she is older. She's also been complaining of blurry vision, so we dropped in the eye section of the hospital and had an eye check. Just to give you an idea of how efficient this hospital is, I had no appointment and the assistant was still apologizing to me that I would have to wait 10 minutes to see the doctor. Sojo LOVED having her eyes checked, and although she has a slight vision problem with one eye, it's not enough that they want to get her glasses at this point.
The hospital is always like a miniature United Nations with people from everywhere. Sojo met a lovely woman from India and was fascinated with her bindi. The lady wound up giving her a handful from her purse and she wore it all day.
Our last stop of the day was at a wellness center in a different part of town. We met with a homeopath, and it was hopeful and validating and unlike any other doctor experience I've ever had. We talked for 90 minutes about Sojo--her personality, her food cravings, everything. We've put her on a new homeopathic medicine and are feeling positive. Within an hour, she was scratching less and seemed to be feeling a bit better. Fingers are crossed. Our time at the various appointments had us waiting and waiting for about 7 hours, which makes a long day for us both. At one point, over pastries and a latte, she turned to me and said, "It's a good day, mama." Indeed, sweet girl, indeed.


popo said...

Good golly, I love you girls. It is a good day. How blessed you are with this blessed we are. So praying that this new homeopathic medicine will work. Yes is a good day. And, it will be an even better day when we see your sweet faces at the airport.

Laura Chese said...

I can't believe a doctor told you she would learn to scratch less! I have random outbreaks and feel her pain. I wonder when I will learn to scratch less!