Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was a blast this year, surrounded by family and an incredibly mild and gorgeous Arizona winter. Sojo cracked us all up on Christmas morning when she opened almost every present and exclaimed, "It's exactly what I wanted!!" One time, she didn't even know what it was she was opening, and she still said it!
The ever-observant Sojo noticed that Santa had a really big tummy and wondered why. We had a conversation about how lots of kid leave him cookies and maybe that's why. Her suggestion was that Santa should eat some healthier food like fruits and vegetables, so we left him some carrots and clementines instead. Couldn't help but be incredibly happy that the healthy eating message is sinking in.
It truly is gorgeous here in Arizona. I've been running outside in the freshest of air in shorts and a t-shirt.

And this stunning girl just about knocked my socks off on Christmas eve with this outfit. She chose it herself (actually RAN to the shiny clothes in the store), which I must say was a brilliant way to get a kid who doesn't love fancy stuff to choose something that made her feel fancy and fabulous. Again, I can see glimpses in her face of how she will look when she is older. Such beauty.


Dyann said...

I love your group photo. How fabulous that you could all be together this year!

Sojo just rocks the sequins. Not many people can pull off that look! :)

Julie Coast Miller said...

So glad you are having a wonderful time with the ENTIRE family. Sojo sure doesn't mind being the center of attention. I noticed that she is such a happy girl, at least in the photos! Happy New Year!!

Dyann said...

Hmmm....I left a comment here a few days ago, but I guess it didn't take. I love your group shot. What a lovely family! How amazing that you could all be together. Also, I am a huge fan of the sequin outfit! Not many folks could pull that off like Sojo can! :) Merry Christmas!