Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Better Late than Never

A few weeks have passed, and somehow I haven't posted about our big "feed the animals" trip with Aimee to Safari World. Aimee has this thing where she loves to have her picture taken with animals, so our big day out was to feed the giraffes at Safari World before she left Thailand. It was so worth the trip as there was a whole gaggle of giraffes waiting to be fed and to be photographed with her. We ordered buckets of fruit and leaves to feed them, and they were nothing short of magical. I remember being completely in awe of their grace while on safari in Kenya--they seemed to float across the savannah while galloping along. I can't wait until Sojo asks to go on safari.

In true Asia style, we found this sign as we entered the park. After using the toilet, no one could figure out what actually made it win the award.
One of the highlights of Aimee's trip for me was watching these two together. They met for the first time and bonded like superglue. It was gorgeous to sit back and watch a cherished friend and a cherished kid love the heck out of each other. Made my heart so happy.


popo said...

What's not to love about those two...

You can always take me on a safari if Sojo doesn't want to go...hee...hee.

Julie Coast Miller said...

"When" you come to PA, we will take Sojo on a Safari, it is just an hour away, you get to feed the wild animals as they gather around the 'wagon' you ride in on the Safari at Wagon Trails in Vienna, OH. Kids love, love, love it!! Cousin Julie