Tuesday, November 02, 2010


A bit of stillness is just what Sojo needs in her life. Lucky for us an Israeli woman new to the community is a trained kid yoga teacher, and today was our first class with fellow 3-4 year olds. I was unsure if this little girl who is so active could be still for so long, but she loved it. Tiny behinds in the air doing the sun salutation was beyond cute, and Sojo even let the teacher put a rice bag on her eyes while she gave her a short foot massage. I was sure she wasn't going to go for that, but she must have been feeling very comfortable because she was totally into it.

Best part from the parent seat--having her look over at us and give us the two thumbs-up sign with a big smile.

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popo said...

She will soon be beyond me in yoga. She and I can continue our tree pose and she can teach me others. How wonderful. I can only imagine your joy in watching her little body so still. More pictures Mama.