Friday, November 12, 2010

The Stats at 4

A few weeks ago, we took Sojo in for her 4-year-old checkup. This was truly the first time she has been completely calm the whole time at the doctor's office, letting them take her temperature (even the armpit used to send her into hysterics!) and do everything he needed to do. Fully a big girl now, it seems.

Here are her stats: 100 cm (39. 4 inches) tall and 13.8 kilos (30.3 pounds). Now that she has sprouted like a weed in the last six months, almost every bit of her adorable chubbiness is gone. Thankfully, she still has those cheeks that are retaining a bit of pinchability.


Julie Coast Miller said...

Soak it up!
Relish it all!
I miss those days when my kids were little and full of zest! Such fun days are still ahead for you and Sojo's loved ones.

popo said...

Been missing seeing this sweet or skype. How cute she is. Can't wait to "pinch" those sweet cheeks in just 5 weeks. Yeah. Tell her Mama...happy birthday soon.