Friday, November 19, 2010

Qi Pao Cutie

Sojo's Chinese qi pao has definitely been used a lot by us over the years. Sojo wore it to the community Loy Krathong celebration yesterday. She then met me at school later in the day to attend some events at our International Day and then we went to the middle school drama show to see baba playing guitar. Good thing she has had a lot of use from this qi pao because I noticed that it is covered with stains (at least they blend in nicely on this material!). Might be time to buy a new one before Chinese New Year.
And this photo--wow! I love how it captures Dale's adoration. There's a whole lot of love between these two.


Prita said...

Oh I LOVE the picture of Sojo and Dale! So awesome!!

popo said...

Every little girl should be adored by her father. I know yours adores you and mine adored me. And we can sure see how Sojo's adores her. 3 lucky girls.