Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas and Such

This is the girl we are seeing more and more lately. One who gets herself ready to go to Starbucks on the weekend, the girl who grabs her magazine to read, and who adds her groovy purse (it really is groovy-made entirely of plastic bags!) before heading out the door. Her independence is growing by the day. Case in point is that after dinner lately, she skips out the door on her way to her friend Stella's house. Makes me smile every time.
And we are starting to get into the Christmas spirit a bit here. Our neighbors bought a bunch of poinsettias, and they happened to be placed right around Sojo's favorite stump, Stumpy. (every kid has a favorite stump, right? this kid cracks me up with her love of inanimate objects!) Perfect for a little pre-Christmas photo shoot.We'll be spending the holidays with family in Arizona this year, and our fingers are crossed for some snow anywhere in the vicinity! Can't wait!


popo said...

I love the red Christmassy color of the blog. I love her new found independence. I love her animated poses with the poinsettias. How nice that a neighbor placed them so perfectly for you. I love it all and can't wait to have you all around the Christmas Tree here. Merry Christmas:)

Dyann said...

I agree with Popo about the cool new background. Festive!

What a stylie (sp?) girl you've got there!