Wednesday, November 24, 2010


From the first time I remember recognizing a happy face in a picture to these new details she is adding to her people, it's such a beautiful journey to watch a child making art. Going to a Reggio Emilia-based school certainly helps as art is a huge part of the program. But, look at those feet attached to legs, the hair, the coloring in of the body, and the newest addition--the bellybutton. Too cute.


popo said...

Looks like we will be getting some new art work for the fridge. Yippee:)

Dyann said...

I think we are kindred spirits, Tara. I just blogged (albeit belatedly) about Trevor's drawings. Kid drawing makes me so happy. I love watching the structures and themes change.

You are all looking lovely and full of joy, by the way. I always love reading what you're up to! :)