Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Shindig!

It's 6:00 p.m. on Sojo's special day, and the birthday girl is currently crashed out in her clothes on the bed. She had no nap today, and after all the fun, she couldn't even keep her eyes open. We parents survived our first 'real' birthday party and are pretty wiped ourselves.

Some highlights of the day...

A special trip on the scooter with baba to pick up the balloons
The hit of the whole party for us was Sojo's magic show. She actually chose to come in a magician's costume instead of a dinosaur, and the disappearing act was hilarious. There is some serious drama potential in this kid. I love how this photo captured her utter joy (look at those tippy toes!) and my cracking up at reappearing.
And the official birthday pose
By the time everyone left, it was all she could do to shove some toast in her mouth (mostly to get something other than sugar in that belly) before she crashed hard. We call those her tired eyes. They crack me up.


popo said...

Thanks for all the pictures. We almost feel like we were there. Looks like she had all the fun a birthday should be. Happy Birthday our special birthday girl. Love you to the moon and back. You too, Mama and Baba.

Dear Librarian said...

Ohhhh, so sweet! Happy birthday to Sojo! I'm glad her first party was such a smash! Way to go folks!

A x

mojo and Caffee said...

Too funny. Amazing what goes on inside our heads at that age. Miss you all.