Friday, October 01, 2010

School Visit

I scheduled some time this week to head to Sojo's preschool to read some books to her class. Two books that are simply magical for little ones are Pete the Cat and Little Owl Lost. Both were big successes--so much so that at a playdate later in the afternoon, one of the girls from school who barely speaks English saw me and starting singing the Pete the Cat song.

Since I had made the bike trip over to her school, I decided to stay a bit and observe the class. They are studying movement and how they have changed as they are growing, so each child has brought in some baby pictures of them doing various movements. Sojo had her walking picture and eating picture and got up to tell everyone about what she was doing. Oh, it was cute! So cute! Like, even if she weren't my kid, I would have thought she was adorable telling us about how she was eating carrots.

Now I wish I could peek into her school day more often...beyond excited that she will be with us at our school next year.

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popo said...

I love her smile and the way she has her ankles crossed. I love how she loves to hear stories about when she was a "little kid". I love...yep...I love it all.