Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scary the Pumpkin

We've either hit an all-time low in regards to parent laziness OR just stumbled upon sheer brilliance...Introducing Scary the Pumpkin, our jack-o-lantern that was pre-carved at the grocery store. Although I struggled a bit with this concept, Sojo fell in love with "Scary" and wanted to bring him home. Needless to say, I didn't struggle for long and they did a much better job than we could have taking out the pumpkin guts. And just to redeem ourselves a bit, we will carve a watermelon (much easier to carve than the super hard pumpkins found overseas) tomorrow.

Sojo is smitten with Scary, though. So smitten that she sat and petted him for a long time and wanted to bring him on a playdate. We vetoed that idea but definitely invited him for stories on the bench--all about pumpkins of course.


Mojo said...


popo said...

How perfect that she is going to be a pumpkin this year. Remember all the pumpkin guts on newspapers on the dining room table? Looks like she will enjoy Halloween this year. Wish we could open our door and see her as a little trick or treater here. Heeeee....heeeee...heeeee....heeee

Anonymous said...

That is a great pumpkin ... and I love how she wants to take him with her!!! Precious!!! You miss only 2 things doing it this way first is the chance to roast the pumpkin seeds and the second are the injuries associated with trying to cut extra hard pumpkins. I think you made a great choice!!! JW